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Why Should I Get a Digital Impression?

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Published: February 22, 2019

Mapping the smile for a dental prosthesis or restoration was, until 30 years ago, done by creating a physical mold using an impression tray. The traditional technique required significant involvement from patients, lab technicians, and dental specialists to generate a series of models.

Dr. Neil McLeod provides digital impressions to precisely scan patients’ smiles for restorations and orthodontic treatments. This advanced technology improves comfort and 55 the process.

What Is a Digital Impression?

A digital impression captures a series of accurate images which are calibrated and sewn together. A specialized camera takes multiple, detailed photos of specific oral structures captured in about the same time needed to obtain a physical impression. The 3D image is then sent electronically to the lab, speeding up the treatment process significantly.

Are Digital Impressions Safe?

Digital impressions are taken using light waves from an intraoral scanner to take a comprehensive image of a section of your smile, teeth and gum structure. Due to limited direct contact, this method e digital model is ideal for preventing any contamination that may  occurs with molding trays. Digital mapping is now more accurate than traditional molds in their measurements, providing a better fit for your crown, bridge, or denture.  Any  dental instruments used in practices, like the digital scanner, are certified by the ADA (American Dental Association) -certified and FDA, confirming they are -approved safe for professional use.

What to Expect When your Dentist Takes A Digital Impression.

Taking a obtaining a digital impression is a simple and straightforward procedure thanks to advancements in modern technology. Multiple pictures are captured with a scanner using a harmless secure, single stream of light to capture multiple pictures of your smile. These are used to formulate a full 3D image of a section or a complete frame of your oral structure.

The camera is guided by trained clinical staff who guide the imaging device to achieve several images needed to recreate the full digital model of your dental anatomy.  After the lab receives the digital impression and creates the appropriate model, the replacement tooth structure is made, and your dentist will ensure a secure fit.  The image is permanently stored for potential future use.

Our office has used digital impression for many years, due to their efficiency and benefits. Digital impressions are being used increasingly in more offices nationwide because of their value to the field. For more information, speak with Neil Dr. McLeod, DDS, to discuss the advantages of having a full digital impression taken before treatment. The comfort and precision of this technology have a number of benefits that might surprise you.

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