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Before and After

These genuine clinical results are shown to inform you of the quality of care you can expect to receive from Dr Neil McLeod, at his offices on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood near Beverly Hills
  • Porcelain veneers correcting chipped front teeth
  • Bonded composite resin repair to fractured front teeth
  • Another example of Composite resin repair of fractured front teeth
  • Missing lateral incisors with the eye teeth crowned to resemble a normal smile. The premolars were recontoured to look like eye teeth.
  • Front Bridge replacing two missing front teeth
  • Crowned front teeth dramatically enhancing the smile
  • Implant supported crowns and porcelain and gold repairs to lower teeth
  • Implant replacing a missing eye tooth
  • Implants replacing two missing upper front teeth
  • Gum Grafting to prevent recession performed for our patient by Dr. Baradaran
  • Horizontally fractured tooth repaired with Hard Composite resin

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Dr. Neil McLeod, DDS

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