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Dental Emergency Treatment

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Emergency Dental Care in West Hollywood, CA

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Dental emergencies happen unexpectedly and knowing what to do can protect the health of your smile.  At the office of Neil S. McLeod, DDS, we instruct patients on how to handle a dental emergency. We also offer urgent dental care to alleviate any discomfort and preserve their oral health. Dr. McLeod wants to reduce the chances of future complications occurring and does so by assessing the situation and moving forward with treatment according to your dental needs.

It is essential that you receive care for your dental crisis as soon as possible to protect the smile from further damage. If you are experiencing an emergency, contact our West Hollywood practice.



Our team’s priority is to quickly provide comfort during your dental emergency. We deliver gentle care and relief for patients with loose or knocked out teeth and damaged restorations. Whenever a dental crisis occurs, take the following into consideration before your appointment with Dr. McLeod:


A toothache is often a sign of dental infection. If you experience this discomfort, promptly schedule an appointment with our West Hollywood practice. Dental infections occur when decay or damage has gone unaddressed. Dr. McLeod treats this dental issue to prevent decay from spreading to neighboring teeth and supporting jawbone.


A fractured or damaged tooth does not always warrant a trip to the dental office right away, as it depends on the severity of the injury. However, it is important for you to schedule an appointment with our dentist to address trauma before it becomes a complex problem. If a tooth gets chipped, carefully pick up all pieces and take them with you when you visit our dentist.


When a tooth becomes dislodged, Dr. McLeod may be able to reinsert it if you receive care within the hour. To increase your chances of successful reattachment, we recommend that you rinse the tooth under lukewarm water, only handling it by its crown. Then, you should rinse the injured area and try to place the tooth back into its spot. If this is not possible, put it in a glass of milk or salt water.

If your dental emergency happens during regular hours, we will schedule you in right away - We will provide rapid relief and restore optimal oral health. In the event that dental trauma occurs after hours, contact us so we may guide you on what to do next. If you require more complex care. We will collaborate with a trusted specialist, conveniently located in the same building, for treatment. Contact Us!

If a dental emergency ever occurs we encourage you to call our West Hollywood office. Neil S. McLeod, DDS, will see you as soon as possible to preserve your beautiful smile. Our dedicated team is here for you in your time of need.

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