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 Dr. Sharyar Baradaran DDS

Dr. Sharyar Baradaran DDS, MS Periodontist

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Dr. McLeod is a great talent and a true artist and master of his craft. He cares about his patients well being first and foremost and never tries to be to pushy with his ideas. He has created a very relaxing and private environment which would make any client very comfortable. His staff is top of the line and very pleasant at all times. I can say it's 'almost' a joy to go to the dentist!!! 

A gold on-lay had come loose, and my usual dentist was recovering from cancer surgery. I knew that Dr. Neil was the man for me. My appointment was made immediately. I am always good in the chair, but I almost fell asleep because every move was so skilled, painless, assured. A wonderful chair side manner helped. The temporary was installed, and a brief time later, I was back for the installation of permanent on-lay. What more can I say: It doesn't get any better than Dr. Neil McLeod.

Rick Baum


Simon Gamer, D.D.S.

Diplomate American Board of Prosthodontics
Clinical Professor, University of Southern California School of Dentistry
I have the pleasure of being a colleague of Dr. Neil McLeod since he qualified as an American D.D.S. at University of Southern California School of Dentistry, where he was my student. The wealth of knowledge that he brought from the United Kingdom and his enthusiasm and passion for acculturating to America have endeared him to me and to the dental community since his arrival.

Dr. McLeod is an outstanding dentist because he preaches and practices the principles of good medicine and dentistry, by applying evidence-based principles of diagnosis, treatment planning, and treatment to his patients.

We in the Southern California dental community are honored to call Dr. McLeod a friend of dentistry and a friend of his dental patients.
Over the years I have experienced dental treatment in Germany, England, Oregon and New Mexico. Dr. Neil McLeod is one of the finest dentists there is. He is second to none. My husband and I have been in his care since we moved to L.A. in 1995 and our daughter has followed suit. He is a master of his profession and not only that, he is also very entertaining. He and his highly skilled staff create a very friendly and warm environment. Let’s be honest, who goes to their dentist with a smile on their face? Well, I do!!! I am just praying that Dr. McLeod will never retire, because to find his equal would be a very hard task, if not impossible.

Monika Charlesworth

Real Estate Consultant

Dr Isaac Hakim D.M.D.

I have been privileged to know and work with Dr. McLeod since 1978. Throughout this time he has shown himself to be a unique dental professional who always has his patient's best interest in mind, providing with the utmost care the treatment that they require. It is an honor for me to be his colleague.
Dr Neil McLeod, I would like to tell you how you have changed my dental life. I am in my 60’s and have always been scared to death of dentists. I have thus allowed my dental care to be neglected. I finally agreed to come to you. I have to say your care was painless, caring, professional and extremely knowledgeable. I only wish I had come to you earlier. I am no longer scared of Dentists, at least not you. Please post this anywhere so that it will encourage others to feel more comfortable in allowing you to take such good care of their teeth. Thank you for being you,

George Dubiecki

Home Carpet and Window Treatments

Dermot McQuarrie

Marina del Rey
I arrived at Neil McLeod's dental surgery with typical Scottish teeth - fillings, missing teeth, and an ill-fitting upper plate. Like many from the "old country" I had suffered a bad experience at a dentist in my youth and didn't return for over 20 years.

Neil put me completely at ease with a selection of music from the "old country" and then got to work in a most professional way. He knew I was a 'dental chicken' and treated me with the utmost care with little or no pain.

After many weeks of treatment, I emerged with teeth that I can be proud of smiling again able to eat corn!

Thank you, Neil, and of course thank you Sandy.
I was shooting a long guest star show. Right in the middle of shooting on my day off, I had my front two teeth knocked out playing softball. Within 48 hours, I was back on set with beautiful temporary teeth. Neil you saved my job. Once you find a great dentist, you never let him go. Neil you are quite simply... The Best Dentist.

Jesse Corti

Actor / Director / Producer

Carl Daikler

My two cents.

“This is the greatest guy to have his fingers in your mouth ever...the best and I am exceptionally grateful."
I have been Dr. McLeod's patient for nearly half my life, and have not once entertained the notion of going to anyone else. His is not only the most skilled and professional practice I've encountered, but the kindest and most caring, friendliest and most fun... Long may he and his wonderful team practice! (and as long as they do, I'll nay go elsewhere!)

Billy Campbell


Sharyn Hillyer Chan

Personal and Professional Life Coach
Dr. Neil McLeod is the best dentist I have ever known! Not only is he an absolute perfectionist, but he is also extremely gentle and caring. I've never had a dentist call me in the evening after dental work to see if I am OK, experiencing pain, or have any questions - but Dr. Neil does just that.

I have been a patient of Dr. McLeod for about 20 years. I am a lawyer, in practice for 33 years, so I can say with confidence that I have conclusive evidence that Dr. McLeod is a superb dentist. Dr. McLeod did a good deal of restoration work on my teeth, and when my father saw it, he said he had never seen more excellent or beautiful dental work. A few more facts -- my father is a retired dentist, and had one of the most successful general dentistry practices in the north suburbs of Chicago, an affluent region of much competition among dentists.

Besides all that ... I enjoy my dental appointments with Dr. McLeod, always a relaxing time of good company and conversation with the doctor and his staff.

Ira Spiro


Bill Manderscheid

Insurance Agent
I am very proud to call my dentist, Dr. Neil McLeod “Painless”! I have had a lot of dental work performed by Dr. McLeod and his wonderful staff. When I first sat in Dr. McLeod’s chair he looked into my mouth and asked if I would like to keep my teeth for a long time. I replied that I would. Since then he has reconstructed crowns, identified and replaced old fillings that were literally cracking and splitting my teeth. The staff is above reproach. The hygienists are just wonderful. Dr. Neil is undoubtedly one of the most talented Dentists I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. He can “Fix anything in the mouth except feet”!!
The relaxed atmosphere, the knowledgeable staff, the reasonable prices. There is something about Dr. McLoud that makes you feel you are in good hands. Twenty years later I still do not have the desire to go anywhere else.....thank you, doctor.

Fabio Conti

Fabiolus Cucina - Hollywood

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